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In 2019, Almaty Management University carries our admission for 6 fields of graduate studies. Graduate programs at the university are offered for bachelor graduates and for people who got a diploma of specialist or master before.
What is a master’s degree program?
Master’s degree program is the following level of higher education after the bachelor degree, which supposes deeper professional specialization. Duration of master programs is a year and a half or two years. Doing a master course, a student can continue to study on his own specialty, or choose a new direction, thus obtaining a second profession.
After graduating a master program you get a diploma of higher education with a master's degree. The diploma of a master allows you to continue scientific research in doctoral studies or start a career path in your profession.
Master education gives large opportunities for career and professional growth, and more favorable working conditions and competitive salary in comparison with bachelor’s degree.
Forms of study in master programs
AlmaU offers to study master programs on a fee basis and at the expense of the state budget.
Fields of study of master programs:
Study in master programs is carried out in two ways:
  • core study - 1-1.5 years of study;
  • scientific and pedagogical study - 2 years of study.
Core master study realizes professional educational programs of postgraduate education for management staff training in the following fields: economics, services and business, possessing profound vocational training.
Scientific and pedagogical master study realizes professional educational programs of postgraduate education for scientific and pedagogical staff training for the system of postgraduate education and scientific sphere, possessing profound scientific and pedagogical experience.
Specialties of Master programs at AlmaU:
  • Management
  • Project management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Economics
  • Computer science
  • Software Engineering
  • Business Analytics and Big Data