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List of groups of master's degree program: 


 Code and classification  of training areas

 Name of groups of master's degree program

 Name of educational programs of EI “Almaty Management University”

7M015 Training of teachers on natural science subjects

M012 Preparation of teachers of computer science

7M01501 - Computer science (SPM)

7M041 Business and management

M072 Management and administration

7M04101-Management (SPM)                 

7M04110-Management (PM)

7M04102-Project Management (SPM) 7M04112- Project Management (PM)

M074 Finance, banking and insurance

7M04106-Finance (SPM)  7M04116-Finance (PM)

M075 Marketing and advertising

7M04105-Marketing (SPM)               

7M04114-Marketing (PM)

7M042 Law

M078 Law

7M04201-Law (SPM)

Master's degree program is a level of postgraduate education aimed at training specialists with the award of a master's degree in the relevant educational program with the mandatory completing of at least 60-120 academic credits.                                                                                          
After completing the master's program, the graduate is awarded a diploma of postgraduate education with the award of a master's degree. 
Training of personnel in the master's program is carried out on the basis of educational programs of higher education. 
Training of personnel in the master's program is carried out in two directions: 
profile direction with a duration of 1 year: training of managerial personnel for the sectors of economy, medicine, law, education, art, services and business, defense and national security, law enforcement, with in-depth professional training.
scientific and pedagogical direction with a period of study of 2 years: training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel for Universities and scientific organizations with in-depth scientific, pedagogical and research training. 
At the entrance if the profile of the master's degree program coincides with the higher education program, the results of the previous level of training are recognized automatically; in case of a mismatch between the profile of the master's degree program and the higher education program, pre-requisites for mastering are established for the Master student. 
Forms of Master's degree programs: AlmaU offers master's degree programs on a fee-paid basis and at the expense of the state budget.
 The content of the master's degree program consists of:
  • theoretical training, including the study of cycles of basic and profile disciplines;
  • practical training of master studentsvarious types of practices, scientific or professional internships;
  • research work that includes the completion of a master's thesis – for a scientific and pedagogical master's degree, or experimental research work,
  • including the implementation of a master's project –  for the profile master's program.
  • the final certification.