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Business Administration in Entrepreneurship



Academic degree: Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship

For international student -  based on the interview

For kazakh citizens - based on the results of INT

Elective subjects on UNT:

After school - Mathematics, Geography

After college - Basics of Finance, Management


Form of training and duration of training:

Full-time (after school) – 3 years


Description of the specialty

Training in the Business Administration program in the field of entrepreneurship is a unique integration in the process of teaching theory with practice by creating conditions for students to participate in entrepreneurial projects with the goal of creating universal and integrated professional entrepreneurial competencies.


Key disciplines are available here


Advantages of learning

An important feature of this program is the shift in the traditional orientation of vocational education from the “production” of future employees to the formation of self-sufficiency and self-employment of graduates and to create and implement their own business initiatives.

Core competencies:
- the ability to manage the creation of new companies;
- the ability to work on the development of business areas in existing businesses and companies;
- the ability to develop and commercialize startup projects;
- create your own business.

Skills and the formation of a generation of special thinking in the framework of the training program:
- Critical thinking

- Lateral thinking;
- Generation of ideas and creative thinking;
- Entrepreneurial thinking;
- Leadership;
- Team building;
- Life design;
- Personal effectiveness;
- Goal setting;
- Communicative skills, negotiations, networking;
- Time management;
- Presentation skills and oratory

During training students will master the following disciplines:
Creative disruption and innovation;
- Design thinking;
- Startup life cycle;
- Venture capital and a developing company;
- Organizational design;
- Management of new enterprises;
- Venture capital investments;
- Digital business technologies;
- Dgital-strategic planning and others


International opportunities of this specialty

Currently we have agreements with 140 universities in 35 countries, including:

  • IESEG School of Management  – France

  • Geneva School of Business  – Switzerland

  • ESC Rennes Business School  – France

  • Solbridge International Business School - South Korea