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Academic degree: Bachelor of Social Science in Public Relations

For international students - based on the interview

For kazakh citizens - based on the results of UNT

Elective subjects on UNT: 

After school - 2 creative exams


Form and duration of studies:

Full-time (after school) – 3 years

On the basis of T&PE (after college) full-time – 2 years


Description of the specialty

EI "Almaty Management University" provides specialists training on educational programs of the specialty 5B051400 "Public Relations". Public Relations is a specialty reflects all current development trends in the communications industry. After training, you will become a successful, modern communications specialist who is able to build a campaign properly, and at the same time constantly find non-standard approaches, interact with the media (newspapers, radio, television, Internet), customers, partners and competitors and with government structures.



«Digital PR»

«Creative PR»

This trajectory prepares future professionals who will master the entire set of digital tools at an advanced level - from online advertising and email promotion to SMM and content marketing. Working with real tasks, they learn how to create and produce content for digital media, as well as plan and conduct online promotion campaigns.

This trajectory prepares future professionals who are able to promote projects in the field of culture and art, which are in demand in various industries – from contemporary art and show business to humanitarian and social projects.

Key disciplines are availablehere


Advantages of the specialty

- No.1 - in the rating compiled by NPP of the RK “Atameken” and MES of the RK: the specialty of the School of Public Relations took the 1st place.
- The undergraduate educational program “Public Relations” was awarded the specialized accreditation of the IAAR (Independent Agency for Accreditation and
rating) for a period of 5 years.
- Exchange and double degree programs, more than 120 partner universities (training is possible with this specialty in a partner university);
- Opportunity to continue studying at foreign partner universities on master's programs.
- Opportunity to pump over the acquired knowledge and skills in the Centers and laboratories of the School: MediaLab (created on the basis of the current edition of the media), the Synergy analytical center.
- The percentage of employment of graduates in the specialty is more than 80% (data for 2016-2017)
- Work in any field: economics, politics, sports, culture, national companies, government agencies, commercial companies, banks, etc.

 Bachelor Specialists of «Public relations» 

1. can establish and maintain necessary contacts with the media, government and public structures, parties and movements;

2. know how to develop information strategies;

3. analyze the status and forecasting of changes in the sphere of public communications;

4. use PR tools (writing articles, press releases, blogging, etc.)

5. have skills of conducting sociological and marketing research;

6. have skills of analyzing historical examples, allowing to see possibilities and prospects of  using certain advertising technologies;

7. can carry out professional functions in commercial structures in the field of economics, business, production, trade; ability to take into account aspects of corporate social responsibility in the development and implementation of an organization’s strategy;

Features  of the specialty

1. opportunity to study in three languages: English, Kazakh, Russian;

2. academic mobility, over 120 university partners;

3. possibility of dual training and internship in the specialty: National Association for Public Relations, Kazakhstan Press Club, PR departments of AlmaU partner companies;

4. AlmaU has a bachelor’s degree program “Service learning”, which forms social responsibility skills.