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Academic degree: Bachelor of Social Knowledge

For international students - based on the interview

For kazakh citizens - based on the the results of the UNT

Elective subjects on UNT: Creative Exam No. 1 (Essay); Creative exam No. 2 (Interview to identify professional aptitude)

Form of training and duration of training:

After school - 3 years

On the basis of the TVET (college) full-time - 2 years

Description of the specialty:

Thanks to the Internet, the media and communications industry has undergone various structural and functional transformations.

"New media" or "New Media" is a new approach to teaching journalism. Thanks to the Internet, the media and communications industry has changed a lot. The differences between print journalism and audiovisual journalism have disappeared, creating a complex media structure integrated with each other. The New Media Education program aims to teach data journalism in accordance with this new situation.



"Multimedia news report"

"Business Journalism"

"Film Criticism"

This trajectory will deepen students' knowledge about the transmission of news for different types of media: print, electronic and audiovisual. The student will be able to try writing in various genres, record podcasts and learn how to work in the frame as a reporter. This trajectory is suitable for those who see themselves as a TV channel reporter, correspondent or podcast creator in the future.

This trajectory will prepare journalists interested in and specializing in covering topics of economics, business and finance. Students will learn the specifics of economic and business news, work with data, learn to explain complex things in a language understandable to the reader, and also learn more about the features and complexities of economic and financial journalism.

Students who choose this trajectory will study the history of world and Central Asian cinema, as well as learn the basics of film criticism. Studying on the territory of the country's main film studio under the guidance of Gulnara Abikeeva, students will be able to learn how to watch movies professionally, analyze pictures, write interesting, high-quality reviews and reviews, as well as cover movies for television, radio and various multimedia platforms.


Advantages of training:

  • Corporate partner of AO "Kazakhfilm" named after Shaken Aimanov
  • Teachers of the practice

 After graduation, you can work:

  • In public institutions, private companies, public organizations: data journalist in newspapers, radio, television,
  • In online newspapers, news agencies; data analyst;
  • Specialist in social mobile media in the field of corporate communications of public and private organizations;
  • Social media manager in PR and advertising agencies;
  • A specialist in media literacy, a specialist in new media in all fields.