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Specialty "Marketing"

Academic degree: Bachelor of Economics and business

Form and duration of studies:

distance (after College) – 3 years

Description of the specialty. EI "Almaty Management University" provides specialists training on the educational program of the specialties 5B051100 "Marketing" on the basis of the state license of MES RK №14008551 dated 11.06.2014.

Educational process, the educational program of the specialties 5B051100 "Marketing", is organized as per the credit technology of training.

Equipping facilities of the educational program of the specialty 5B051100 "Marketing" at Almaty management University is:

1. modern training and research laboratories;

2. modern academic aids, textbooks and electronic resources;

3. teaching staff of high qualification, recognized experts in the system of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and professors of foreign universities.

Core subjects and teachers

Name of disciplines

Names of teachers


c.e.sc. Sоkhаtskaya N.P., MSc. Abdunurova А.А.,


c.e.sc. Shalbaeva Sh.Е., c.e.sc. Ayazbaeva G.N., c.e.sc. Zаluchеnоvа О.М.

Talent management

c.e.sc. Yavorskaya Zh.Kh., MSc Diaz А.


Practitioners: DBA Коzhаkhmеtоv А.B., c.e.sc. Yavorskaya Zh.Kh., Zhumin D., MSc. Коshkinа N.V.

Research Methods

d.e.sc. Nikiforova N.V., PhD Таyauova G.Zh., c.e.sc. Маsаkоvа S.S., c.e.sc. Rаkhimbеkоvа Zh.S.

Business planning

Rаkhimbеkоvа Zh.S., Zаkirоvа А.Т., Коshkinа N.V., Zhаkypbеk L.B.

Project management

c.e.sc. Zаkirоvа А.Т., PhD Таyauova G.Zh.,

c.e.sc. Zaluchenova О.М, MSc Diaz А.

Marketing research

c.e.sc. Zаkirоvа А.Т.

Marketing management

c.e.sc. Моmynova S.А., МВА Маrаlbаеvа Sh.М.

Consumer behavior

PhD Каzybаеvа А.М., МВА G. Riviera

Services Marketing

c.e.sc. Smykovа М.R.

International marketing

PhD Каzybаеvа А.М., MSc. Оstrоvskiy V.V., MSc. Abdunurova А.А.,

Strategic marketing

c.e.sc. Моmynova S.А., МВА G. Riviera

Marketing analysis

PhD Каzybаеvа А.М.


c.e.sc. Моmynova S.А., MSc. Abdunurova А.А., c.e.sc. Sokhatskaya N.P., МВА Маrаlbаеvа Sh.М.

Quantitative methods of analysis

c.e.sc. Zаkirоvа А.Т.

Marketing communications

PhD Каzybаеvа А.М., MSc. Оstrоvskiy V.V., MSc. Abdunurova А.А., МВА G. Riviera

Qualitative methods of analysis

Smykovа М.R., Моmynova S.А.

Internet marketing

c.e.sc. Rаkhimbеkоvа Zh.S., MSc. Оstrоvskiy V.V.

Design of marketing projects

MSc. Оstrоvskiy V.V.

Trade marketing

c.e.sc. Smykovа М.R., MSc. Abdunurova А.А.,

Application program in marketing

Оstrоvskiy V.V.


Protsenko Е.А., Каzybаеvа А.М., Оstrоvskiy V.V.

Practical marketing

Practitioner Saylybaeva А.М.

Interactive marketing

MSc. Оstrоvskiy V.V.


Advantages of learning.

Educational program of the specialty 5B051100 "Marketing" at University is implemented in two educational trajectories of training students:

 Marketing specialist-researcher.

 Marketing specialist-promoter.


Modern teaching technologies. Permanent checking the quality of teaching and its effectiveness, improvement of equipment and disciplines content.

Corresponding skills required by employers. Checking and deepening the actual competence acquired by the students to comply with professional standards and qualification requirement of the specialty. 

Practitioners are involved in teaching process.


Our graduates of the specialty 5B051100 "Marketing" work for companies such as:

1. Air Astana

2. Bayer Kaz

3. Kcell

4. Danone

5. Nilson

6. Choco family

7. Samsung


9. Phillip Morris Kazakhstan

10. JTI

11. Coca-Cola


13. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

International exchange programs at the undergraduate level, agreements with the following universities:

1. IESEG School of Management (IESEG School of Management) - France

2. Geneva School of Business (Geneva Business School) - Switzerland

3. ESC Rennes Business School (the business School of Rennes) - France

4. Solbridge International Business School - South Korea