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Academic degree: Bachelor of Arts

For international students - based on the interview

For Kazakh citizens - based on the results of UNT

Elective subjects on UNT: Creative exam No. 1 (Written essay/abstract or Presentation of an art project) + Creative exam No. 2 (Colloquium)

Form of training and duration of training:
After school - 3 years

On the basis of the Type (college) full-time - 3 years

Description of the specialty:

"Digital Filmmaking" or "Digital Directing". The era of new technologies has changed filmmaking and opened up a lot of opportunities for those who dream of making their own film. The Digital Directing program is aimed at training highly qualified specialists for the film industry in accordance with international standards. The emphasis is on the development of students' technical and artistic-intellectual skills.



«Film and Media Directing»

«Film and Media Producing»

«Film and Media Screenwriting»

This trajectory prepares versatile professionals who will study film and media directing in depth, which includes writing and preparing a script, selecting actors and a film crew, directing the process of creating and editing films. Students will master the art of pitching film projects and make their first short film.


This trajectory prepares future professionals in the field of film and media production projects, who must have both aesthetic taste and entrepreneurial streak. The producer's responsibilities include not only finding funds for the production of the picture, but also supporting the project at all stages of implementation: from determining the concept of the future film and its style, based on commercial considerations, to the distribution of the picture.

This trajectory prepares future professionals in the field of screenwriting, who write original or adapted scripts, on the basis of which animated and motion pictures, plays, television programs and shows, computer games, commercials are created. The duties of the screenwriter include the elaboration of the plot, the description of the actors, their characters, biographies and external data, the division into scenes and episodes, dialogues, remarks, actions, scenery, backgrounds, etc.


Advantages of training:

  • Corporate partner of AO "Kazakhfilm" named after Shaken Aimanov
  • Teachers of the practice
After graduation, you can work in:
  • Video production companies;
  • In the online film industry;
  • In manufacturing firms
  • Director and editor