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Distance learning is an educational process which is realized through the interaction of a teacher and a learner regardless of location or time of training by means of information and communication technologies. Distance learning gives you the opportunity to attend classes 24/7 without leaving home.
Features of distance learning
Distance learning provides education without interruption from main activities, using e-learning technologies; gives the opportunity to study individually, regardless of time and place; to receive education continuously and individually.
A feature of this learning technology is implementation of learning process and knowledge control of students using the academic educational portal of the university – "study.almau.edu.kz".
All students have their own virtual "personal accounts" where educational, methodical, organizational materials and tasks for independent study courses of the chosen specialty are placed. They can review materials in disciplines, analyze examples of solving problems, get recommendations for independent work, do tests, use web links to similar materials and discuss difficult questions with the teacher.
Learning format
Webinars are online events held in real time, within which teachers conduct presentations, lectures, trainings.
Chat sessions are a form of training sessions carried out with the use of network technology.
Chat sessions are held simultaneously, that is, all participants (teacher, tutor and students) have simultaneous access to written communication. There are different types of classes in the chat room: text chatting is often used for classes, consultation or discussion of a small particular subject of problematic, discussion nature.
Internet forums are a form of direct communication of the teacher with target Internet audience of students, through communication programs on the Internet.
Online consultation: to consolidate understanding of the training material where you can ask questions related to the learning process.
Exam session and full-time classes during the week at the end of the semester. Used for consultations and testing studied material, exchange of experience.
Duration of study
On the basis of higher education the duration is 2 years. Each year consists of two academic periods (autumn session and spring session). Periods of a session organization are determined by the academic calendar for every academic year.
On the basis of secondary specialized education (after College) the duration is 3 years. Each year consists of two academic periods (autumn session and spring session). Periods of a session organization are determined by the academic calendar for every academic year.
Languages of study: Kazakh, Russian
Terms of admission
1. On the basis of secondary specialized education (after College)
Admission of documents for Bachelor programs at EI "Almaty Management University" is carried out on the basis of applications of entrants on a competitive basis according to the certificate points:
  • for College graduates and also graduates of previous years - according to the results of complex testing (CT).
Attention! Passing grade at EI "Almaty Management University" is 55 points. Applicants with more than 50 but less than 55 points, will be enrolled for fee-paying education at the university by results of competitive selection. Competitive selection on the basis of the interview is conducted by the commission of the deans and faculty, the composition of which is approved by the rector of the university.
2. On the basis of higher education
Submission of documents to Admission Commission of the university from June 20 to August 28.
Duration of study - 2 years.
Entry requirements: Diploma of higher education
Language of study: Kazakh, Russian
  1. Application addressed to the rector of Almaty Management University in the stated form;
  2. Diploma of higher education with attachments (original);
  3. Original and copy of the identity card;
  4. Medical certificate form 086-U (with fluoroscopy);
  5. Photographs 3x4 cm – 6 pcs.
Effective study without interrupting the job, opportunity to learn at your own pace;
  • Saving financial and time resources (duration of study is 2 years);
  • Attractive and fixed price, flexible payment system;
  • Experienced teaching staff, teachers-practitioners, the latest techniques of online learning;
  • Study for all categories of citizens;
  • Higher education of high quality which meets international standards.