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Academic degree: Bachelor of Engineering and Technology and Professional 

For international students - based on the interview

For kazakh citizens - based on the results of UNT

Elective subjects on UNT:
After School: Physics/Computer Science + Mathematics

Form of training and duration of training:
After school - 3 years
On the basis of college - 2 years

Description of the specialty: A product manager is an interdisciplinary role that combines strategy, design, leadership and marketing to launch a successful product. A product manager is the CEO of a product. They control everything related to the product, from defining strategy, prioritizing releases and protecting customers. Their work covers the entire product lifecycle.

This specialty was created by practicing teachers to give you a complete understanding of product management. This degree offers you to focus on understanding the basic principles of project management, specializing in the field you are interested in. Specialization in software development provides a deep understanding of the development process.

ALMOST EVERYTHING, in management, finance, and marketing. Advantages of training: The educational program of the specialty 6B06105 Product management at the University is implemented according to three educational trajectories of student training:


« Product Management »

« Product Management FinTech »

« Data Science and Machine Learning »

Key disciplines are available here

Intermediate results professional certification in the field of information technology. Students receive professional certificates of Microsoft MCSA, MCITP and professional certificates of Autodesk and DellEMC2.



Graduates of our university majoring in "Product Manager" can work in the following positions:

• Junior Product Manager.
• Product Manager.
• Senior Product Manager.
• Director of Products.
• Vice President of Product.
• Chief Product Specialist and beyond.

Our graduates work in companies such as:

• Too TDS Media - official partner of Google and Yandex
• Sonycom
• Global Business Forum TOO
• Techcom InterStroy LLP
• Kaspi Bank JSC
• NSC , etc.