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Business Analytics and Economics



Academic degree: Bachelor of Economics and Business

For international students - based on the interview

For kazakh citizens - based on the results of the UNT

Elective subjects on UNT:

After school - Mathematics, Geography

After college  - Finance and credit + Organization's economics


Form of training and duration of training:

Full-time (after school) – 4 years

On the basis of T&PE (College) full – time- 2 years


Description of the specialty

“Business Analytics and Economics” educational program develops unique knowledge at the junction of four areas: economics, statistics, Big Data processing and analysis information technology, economic analysis at micro and macro levels of managerial decision-making.



"Business analysis and forecasting and business evaluation"

"Risk assessment and forecasting"

The trajectory is aimed at studying the company's work, conducting a business analysis of its strengths and weaknesses, as well as a general assessment of the entire business, followed by the development of a viable model to improve the quality of its work

Trajectory is engaged in determining the probability of occurrence and development of an emergency situation based on an assessment, forecast, and analysis of the company's work

Key disciplines are available here


Advantages of learning

 The educational program of the specialty “Business Analytics and Economics” is implemented in 2 educational trajectories of training students:

1. Business analytics. Competencies in the field of deep statistical data processing, incl. Big Data, planning and forecasting of economic processes, the skills of a comprehensive analysis of business processes, mathematical and computer modeling, management decisions based on mathematical methods of analysis and computer technology.

2.Risk assessment and forecasting. The fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired by students in the learning process will allow graduates to successfully identify, evaluate and analyze economic risks of a diverse nature, develop effective strategies for responding and managing business processes in the face of uncertainty, using modern tools and programming languages.


Major and minor programs

Major - this is the main area of student learning, involving in-depth development of the subject, that is, a specialty.

Minor is an additional area of study. Minor can be determined by personal or professional interests that are not directly related to the specialty. Studying under the program "Finance" you can get minor accounting and auditing, management, marketing, IT, etc.



The practice bases are organizations, enterprises, companies corresponding to the profile of the specialty being trained, including:
1. Raimbek Bottlers LLP,
2. Danone Berkut LLP,
3. Kazakhstan Wagon Building Company LLP,
4. KazAtomProm JSC,
5. Almaty Heating Networks LLP,
7. Foodmaster LLP,
8. Kostanay Minerals JSC
9. JSC FRP "Damu",
10. Aksai Nan LLP,
11. Eurasia Food Corporation JSC
12. Alma Tses LLP,
13. JSC NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”,
14. Air Astana JSC
15. "Promtehservice Kazakhstan" LLP,
16. Confectionery company “Aydin” LLP,
17. JSC "KazTransGas",
18. Kazpost JSC
19. JSC "KEGOC",
20. Maslodel LLP
21. Sinooil LLP and others



- are engaged in the financial affairs of companies and corporations, plan the development of firms, and keep records

- check the activities of accountants, they monitor the financial flows of organizations. build the economic policies of companies, regions and the state as a whole

- deal with issues of economic development

- give forecasts for a change in the situation on the domestic and world markets

- participate in foreign economic activity, etc.