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Academic degree: Bachelor of Economics and Business

For international students - based on the interview

For kazakh citizens - based on the results of UNT

Elective subjects on UNT: 

After school — Mathematics, Geography

After college — Basics of economics, Management

Form of training and duration of training:
Full–time (after school) - 4 years,


When studying under the dual degree program with Arizona State University (ASU) – 3 +1, i.e. 3 years at AlmaU and 1 year at ASU


Description of the specialty


This educational program is based on the curriculum of the specialty "Global Management" of Arizona State University (Thunderbird School of Global Management) and is aimed at training specialists with the skills to be successful leaders of international companies, governments and non-profit organizations, able to develop and implement successful strategies in the global economy. The graduate will have the skills to develop management solutions for a global organization on the problems it faces at the international level based on a systematic approach, modern methods and technologies, taking into account the cross-cultural characteristics of the environment.

Key disciplines are available here


Educational process

Educational program of the specialty "Global Management", organized by credit technology of training.


Advantages of training


The possibility of simultaneously obtaining a diploma of Almaty Management University (AlmaU) and a diploma of Arizona State University (ASU) - the most innovative university in the USA.


When leaving to study in the USA, the student will be entitled to work in the USA for up to 36 months (OPT, Optional Practice Training).


A student can also study for the 4th year at ASU in a distance format on the educational platform of the university.


 You can become:


  • A manager in the structural divisions of an international company in the field of corporate governance, marketing, accounting, HR, trade.
  • Head of divisions of an international company
  • The founder of his own company