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"Almaty Management University" conducts training of specialists in the educational program of the specialty "6В04203 - Jurisprudence" on the basis of the state license of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 Graduates of this specialty work:

  • assistant lawyers, legal assistants;
  • younger lawyers, lawyers at enterprises (in organizations);
  • secretaries of courts and court sessions;
  • specialists of the treasury, Civil Registry Office;
  • bailiffs-executors.


  • knows the legislation, is able to interpret and apply laws;
  • is able to communicate with other people and convince them;
  • can draw up documents in accordance with the norms established by law;
  • fluent in the state and Russian languages;
  • consults on legal issues within the framework of specialization;
  • provides assistance in drafting various legal documentation.
Core subjects:
  • Roman law
  • Criminal process
  • Criminal Law of the RK Banking Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Legal proceedings of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Administrative Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The possibility of employment - in all spheres of society, regulated by legislation:

  • state and non-governmental organizations, enterprises, institutions and societies of various forms of ownership, which are legal entities;
  • Advocacy, Prosecutor's Office;
  • Courts;
  • notarial offices;
  • lawyer consulting;
  • Legal departments of various companies;
  • state bodies for securing order and security, tax authorities and tax police, customs authorities, justice bodies (Ministry of Justice, bailiff service);
  • Private detective services.

Specialty "Jurisprudence"

Cipher - 6В04203 

Academic Degree: Bachelor of Services

Language of instruction: Russian