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Code of the specialty: 6М050900

Duration :

Core direction is 1-1,5 years;

Scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years.


Training of master students in the specialty 6M050900 «Finance» is carried out according to a modular educational program. Master program at AlmaU in the specialty «Finance» is aimed to train highly qualified specialists in the field of financial control, financial analysis, financial and tax planning, financial management, possessing necessary skills of information support of investment and financial management decisions.


Main emphasis is placed on the study of current problems of modern financial markets, corporate finance, investment theory, risk management, methods of analysis of financial data and much more. A big role in learning is played by practice: graduates of the program create their own individual business projects based on real data, very often these projects are created on the basis of the company where the student is doing practical training and there they come to life.


Core subjects and teachers 

After completing the whole course of study graduates are awarded the academic degree:

  • Core study — Master of Economics and business in specialty «6М050900- Finance»;
  • Scientific and pedagogical study — Master of economic sciences in specialty  «6М050900- Finance».


Pre-requisites of the specialty 6M050900 «Finance». When entering the program 6M050900 «Finance» applicants must undergo pre-requisites:


  1. Introduction to finance (3 credits);
  2. Financial management (3 credits);


EI "Almaty Management University" provides the opportunity to take these courses before the program classes start.


 Download the program of the entrance examination on the specialty 6М050900 - "Finance"