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Educational program: 8D04101-Management
Academic degree: Doctor of Philosophy PhD in "8D04101 - Management" educational program
Form of study: Full-time
Duration of study: at least three years
Language of instruction: Russian
Tuition fee: 1 500 000 tenge for 1 academic year

The mission of 8D04101-Management educational program is to promote the economic and social well-being of Kazakhstan by training highly qualified management, scientific and pedagogical personnel of a new generation in the field of business and management, capable of solving complex problems in professional activities.

The purpose of 8D04101-Management educational program: training of competitive scientific and pedagogical personnel, specialists in the field of business and management in Kazakhstani and the world market of educational services.

Content of the educational program:

Components Number of academic credits Number of academic hours
1.Basic disciplines 24 720
1.1 University component 5 150
1.2 Elective component 5 150
1.3 Teaching practice 14 420
2. Major disciplines 29 870
 2.1. Elective component 15 450
 2.2. Research practice 14 420
 3.Research work of a doctoral student, including an internship and a doctoral dissertation 115 3450
 4. Writing and defending a doctoral dissertation 12 360
Total 180 5400

PhD doctoral curriculum is subdivided into 4 modules:

research module - 125 credits
professional module - 15 credits
professional practice module - 28 credits
final certification module - 12 credits

Disciplines of the curriculum:

1. Research management
2. Modeling and forecasting of economic processes
3. Modern technologies for data analysis and visualization (SPSS, R, Gretl, Pyton)
4. HR consulting
5. Human capital management
6. Key management models
7. Strategic management tools
8. Organization change management
9. Company lifecycle management

Key teachers of 8D04101-Management educational program:


Nikiforova Nina Vladimirovna                        

Doctor of Economics, Professor at Graduate School of Management.  Author of over 130 scientific and methodological works, including 5 monographs and 4 textbooks and teaching aids.  Developer of the Concept for Development of Entrepreneurial Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan.  She has been the scientific supervisor of 30 doctors and candidates of economic sciences, DBA and MBA.  Developer of professional standards for personnel in tourism and hotel business, standard training programs, holder of "Y. Altynsarin" badge from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  Experience in consulting projects is over 15 years.  Courses taught: Research Management, Organization Change Management.


Zhanbyrbaeva Sanim Mamanovna

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor at Graduate School of Management.  Research interests: HR management, project management.  Experience in teaching is over 12 years, has practical experience in JSC Kazakhtelecom.  Participated in scientific projects "Strategy Development and Human Resource Management (HRM) in public higher education institutions (HEI) in Kazakhstan" and "Promoting the development of educational organizations through the development of people - PEOPLE". Trainer-consultant in human resource management in the field of education.  Courses taught: HR Consulting


Masakova Saltanat Seilkhanovna

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor at Graduate School of Management.  Author of over 50 scientific publications covering a wide variety of areas of economics and business.  A scientific internship at universities in England and Spain under "Bolashak" presidential scholarship program.  Experience in teaching over 20 years, of which more than 8 years in postgraduate education programs.  Has practical experience in the real sector as a project manager in a transport consulting company.  Course taught: Company Lifecycle Management


Tyutyunnikova Marina Vladimirovna

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor at Graduate School of Management. Author of over 20 scientific publications, 2 textbooks and 1 study guide.  Program-Leader of Bachelor's and Master's programs in Economics. Field of research: Economic analysis, Financial analysis, Risk management, Evaluation of effectiveness of investment projects, Statistics, Econometrics, Quantitative methods of analysis.  Course taught: Modeling and forecasting of economic processes.


Shalbaeva Sholpan Eslambekovna

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor at  Graduate School of Management.  Author of more than 60 scientific papers, 2 textbooks, Research area: Management theory and methodology, Research of modern trends in the study of leadership, Business coach on personal development, management decision-making skills.  Courses taught: Key Management Models, Strategic Management Tools.


Yavorskaya Zhanna Khalelovna

Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor at Graduate School of Management, Doctor of Business Administration.  Business trainer, practicing psychologist.  Author and developer of trainings, seminars, consultations on personal development and formation of business skills.  Twenty years of experience in psychological and business consulting,  both personal and organizational (directly in business organizations).  Author of three textbooks and over forty publications of a scientific research nature.  Course taught: Human Capital Management.