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Program of conditional admission for students
     According to paragraph 5-3 "Standard rules of admission to study at an educational organization, which implements educational programs of higher education" approved by Regulation of RK Government dated 19.01.2012 № 111 (with amendments approved by Regulation of RK Government dated 14.07.2016 № 405) higher education institutions can enroll on a fee basis persons who did not get the threshold score according to the results of UNT or CT.
     At EI "Almaty Management University" since 2016-2017 academic year, Foundation program has been acting, by which graduates of colleges and secondary schools are enrolled, who did not get a passing score for admission to university. After receiving the conditional status of a student, they study for 1 semester a general educational program (each in their specialty) and at the same time they are prepared for a complex testing (CT).
     Last academic year conditional students in 10 specialties were taught in Foundation program. They were preparing for CT within 4 months under the guidance of experienced teachers - trainers. The results of a repeated CT, which was conducted in a basic university on January 20 - 24, 2017, all our conditional students passed the CT successfully, they got from 60 to 85 points and were enrolled in EI "Almaty Management University" on a full basis.
Program for students conditionally enrolled for 1 year at AlmaU
Contingent Graduates of schools and colleges who failed to score 50 points in initial and repeated UNT/ CT From September 1 Period of studies -1 semester
Content of the program I Academic training on the curriculum disciplines of the selected bachelor's degree program
Period of studies - 1 semester
Volume - 18 credits
II -1 Preparing school graduates for a repeated CT:
Block 1 – History of Kazakhstan, mathematics and language literacy
Block 2 – Core subjects:
mathematics + geography;
mathematics + physics;
English + history;
mathematics + English;
history + English
    II -2 Preparing college graduates for a repeated CT: general core and core subjects, of relevant specialties
Weekly format of studies I Academic training – not less than 24 academic hours II Preparing for CT - not less than 8 academic hours
Tuition fee I+II I Academic training ½ yearly tuition fee for the first year of studies taking into account selected specialty and language of instruction II Preparing for CT – 25 000 tenge /1 subject for the whole course of studies
Classes at the preparatory courses are as close as possible to the requirements of CT:
  • academic materials and assignments for objects adapted to the tests of National test Center;
  • a constant control of a cutoff of educational achievements through computer-based and paper based testing;
  • psychological training and introduction to the format of complex testing.