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PhD doctoral program

Almaty Management University provides training of PhD doctors in the following specialties:

  • 6D050700 – Management
  • 6D050900 – Finance
  • 6D051100 – Marketing
  • 6D052000 – Business administration

Persons entering a doctoral program submit the following documents to Admission Commission:

  1. application addressed to the rector of University
  2. a copy of the identity card
  3. notarized copies of education documents (bachelor and master) with attachments
  4. a copy of the certificate of the test in a foreign language (if any)
  5. list of scientific and scientific-methodical works (if available)
  6. six photos of size 3x4 cm
  7. medical certificate form 086-U
  8. personal form of accounting personnel and document proving employment (information from the unified accumulation Fund listed on mandatory pension contributions for the period of work)
  9. receipt of payment for testing a foreign language
  10. rationale for the proposed dissertation research, agreed with the alleged domestic or foreign scientific advisor

Original documents are provided together with the copies for verification. After verification the originals are returned.