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Center for Career Planning and Work with Graduates of Almaty Management University assists students and graduates in career planning and development and in establishing and maintaining contact of alumni with the University and with each other.
Curriculum for students provides:
During the training period students are given the opportunity of internship in different companies, in different areas of development and training:
  • training introductory practice – 2 weeks and more
  • production/pre-graduation practice – up to 10 weeks
Students have opportunity of doing internships in different years of study, with different levels of training which allows students to improve their performance and their abilities in work and further high-quality employment.
At different years of study students attend master classes and workshops from top specialists in their field and public figures, athletes, and the best economists to improve the quality of personal development and improving the conceptual apparatus in the field of studies.
More than 60% of graduates of bachelor programs are employed in the first 3 months and 85% are employed after 6 months.
Types of employment
Employment of AlmaU graduates abroad
8.5% of total number of graduates are employed abroad
Countries where AlmaU graduates work:
Russian Federation
The Republic of Kyrgyzstan
Great Britain
United Arab Emirates
The Federal Republic of Germany