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Bachelor programs are professional higher education programs, for the period of 3 and 4 years, with awarding of "Bachelor" degree in a particular specialty. At AlmaU there are Schools (Faculties) of the fields of study that afford to prepare specialists more efficiently in different areas.
For whom is this program:
  • Secondary school graduates
  • College graduates
Education is given in one of 3 languages: Kazakh, Russian or English.
Form of study – full-time (after school and college) and distance (after college for related specialty).
Workload of programs is measured in credit units.
At students’ disposal:
  • Classrooms with high technical equipment, computer and science rooms with free Internet access (including Wi-Fi), access to the electronic library of the leading scientific and research journals and books.
  • Creative Zone AlmaU (Qaynar Bulaq Almaty).
  • Sport & Art Zone AlmaU.