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Choosing University You choose a profession, career, your future!
Therefore it is IMPORTANT to make the RIGHT choice!
Every student of Almaty Management University gets 5 unique advantages which distinguish them favorably from all other graduates
Basic knowledge - basic general education disciplines with deep learning:
  1. mathematics (for economic specialties);
  2. English (all 4 years), a graduate student has a language level of IELTS 5.5 and above;
  3. Kazakh language (including professional Kazakh, paperwork), etc.
Entrepreneurial module - study unique disciplines on entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial thinking, ability to open own start up project based on the business incubator of the University for 4 years of learning.
Management module - all students of Almaty Management University from 1 to 4 year get managerial training, studying such disciplines as: management, marketing, project management, etc., which in the future will allow our students to occupy managerial positions in various sectors of the economy and business.
Professional module – clear logic and a focused training on specific occupations and industries. Training program is integrated with international requirements and certifications. The best practitioners are involved.
Personal growth – Almaty Management University prepares a new generation of leaders!!! All students thr,oughout the 4 years of learning, study subjects such as: critical thinking, leadership, oratory, etc.