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  1. On the basis of secondary specialized education (after College)

Admission of documents for Bachelor programs at EI "Almaty Management University" is carried out on the basis of applications of entrants on a competitive basis according to the certificate points:

  • for College graduates and also graduates of previous years - according to the results of complex testing (CT).

Attention! Passing grade at EI "Almaty Management University" is 55 points. Applicants with more than 50 but less than 55 points, will be enrolled for fee-paying education at the university by results of competitive selection. Competitive selection on the basis of the interview is conducted by the commission of the deans and faculty, the composition of which is approved by the rector of the university.


  1. On the basis of higher education

Submission of documents to Admission Commission of the university from June 20 to August 28.
Duration of study -2 years.
Entry requirements
:Diploma of higher education
Language of study
: Kazakh, Russian


  1. Application addressed to the rector of Almaty Management University in the stated form;
  2. Diploma of higher education with attachments (original);
  3. Original and copy of the identity card;
  4. Medical certificate form 086-U (with fluoroscopy);
  5. Photographs 3x4 cm – 6 pcs.

Entrance Exam for Second Bachelor's Degree applicants.

Exam form:Written exam in essay format.
Submission address: Submit the completed essay according to the Requirements to the following email address: Distance@almau.edu.kz
Submission deadline: August 20, 2022.


Requirements for the Essay *
Download Entrance Exam Essay (for second higher education)
Download the Essay Cover Sheet (for second higher education)


ATTENTION! You can send the original documents by express mail after confirming receipt of the essay and its grade.
Documents are accepted until August 25, 2022 inclusive