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"Almaty Management University" conducts training of specialists in the educational program of the specialty "6B04114 - Marketing" on the basis of the state license of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Graduates of this specialty work:

  • specialists of marketing services of enterprises and companies;
  • managers for a group of products and brands;
  • Sales managers;
  • analysts in research departments, agencies and consulting companies;
  • Specialists in advertising or communication agencies;
  • brand managers;
  • Customer service managers;


  • conduct serious analytical and research work,
  • study the needs of potential consumers and the behavior of competitors in the market;
  • Manage demand;
  • develop goods and services, set prices on them;
  • are engaged in advertising and promotion;
  • engage in strategic, economic and operational planning.

  Core subjects:

  • Basics of marketing
  • Sales management
  • Advertising of goods and services
  • Marketing management
  • Strategic marketing
  • Examination of goods and services
  • International Marketing
  • Industrial marketing
  • Marketing research

 Employment Opportunity:

  • companies of all industries, services, high technologies;
  • special marketing, research companies;
  • marketing communications agencies;
  • advertising agencies;
  • consulting firms.

Specialty "Marketing"

Cipher - 6B04114 

Academic degree: Bachelor of Economics and Business

Languages ​​of instruction: Russian