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 "Almaty Management University" conducts training of specialists in the educational program of the specialty "6B04117 - Finance" on the basis of the state license of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Graduates of this specialty work:

  • financial and tax managers or analysts;
  • risk managers;
  • Brokers and dealers;
  • investment and credit managers;
  • insurance agents;
  • bank employees; accountants and cashiers;
  • Assistant Economists


  • knows the methodology of monetary and credit regulation and the economic situation of a particular country, as well as the international situation as a whole;
  • is well versed in tax and financial legislation;
  • knows the basics of the organization of financial and budgetary regulation;
  • knows the theoretical and practical aspects of the financial and banking system;
  • is able to draw up a balance of payments and analyze financial documents;
  • knows how to develop business plans for enterprises;
  • can predict, assess risks, find the optimal ratio of income and perceived risks; carry out exchange transactions.

 Core subjects:

  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Budget system of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial management
  • Anti-crisis management
  • Taxes and taxation
  • World Banking System
  • Methods of business valuation

Employment Opportunity:

  • banks and stock exchanges;
  • valuation, leasing and insurance companies;
  • investment and pension funds;
  • audit and consulting companies;
  • financial departments of enterprises;
  • Finance departments of akimats and treasuries;
  • Customs; tax inspections;
  • rating agencies;
  • own business.

Specialty "Finances"

Specialty code - 6B04117 

Academic degree: Bachelor of Economics and Business

Languages ​​of instruction: Kazakh, Russian