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Preparatory courses
Mission is to prepare secondary school graduates for UNT and CT, to help them to adapt to University and develop skills of academic study.
The program offers:
  • intensive course of preparation for UNT/CT in the block of general disciplines: History of Kazakhstan, mathematics and language literacy; and 2 core disciplines;
  • adaptation to academic education at AlmaU and development of personality skills;
  • for foreign students - improvement of academic level of language proficiency and mastering basic subjects of university educational programs.
Advantages of preparatory courses at AlmaU:
  • quality of teaching guaranteed by the university;
  • modern methods of preparation for UNT/CT, current test base;
  • unique course of adaptation to university studies;
  • flexible schedule of classes;
  • interactive learning format;
  • highly qualified staff of teachers;
  • a comfortable environment for learning, leisure and support services for students;
  • professional guidance and support when applying;
  • affordable tuition fee.
Access to resources, which include:
  • e-library and reading rooms;
  • computers and IT equipment;
  • opportunity to attend events of students’ community and Creative Zone clubs;
  • use the services of Art&Sport Zone;
  • students’ café, etc.;
Content and schedule of programs:
Name of the program Content Period
Program for secondary schools graduates "From school to University" Preparation for UNT/CT in the cycle of basic and core disciplines March – May
Summer intensive preparatory courses for applicants Preparation for initial and repeated UNT/CT in the cycle of basic and core disciplines June 1 - 20;
August 3-6
Program for foreign students Language training to achieve academic language proficiency and basic disciplines From 6 to 10 months
Program «From school to university»
Period of studies – 3 months.
Contingent Pupils of the graduating class of secondary schools, lyceums, gymnasiums From March 1, 2017, the period of studies - 3 months
Content of the program I Preparation for UNT/ CT on subjects:
Block 1 – History of Kazakhstan, mathematics and language literacy
Block 2 – Core subjects
II Module Pathway
(transition of learning from school to university)
Top-managers of AlmaU;
leading teachers
Weekly format of studies I Preparation for UNT - 8 classroom hours II Module Pathway – 1 hour
Tuition fee I+II II Preparing for CT –
25 000 tenge /1 subject for the whole course of studies
II Module Pathway free of charge
Program of summer intensive courses
Summer preparatory courses for applicants
Contingent Secondary school graduates who participate in UNT or CT to enter a university Preparation for UNT/ CT based on NTC tests
Content of the program Intensive preparation on general disciplines of testing:
  • History of Kazakhstan,
  • mathematical literacy,
  • language proficiency.
Preparation on core subjects:
mathematics + geography;
mathematics + physics;
English + history;
geography + English
Terms and format of studies 1-st stream – June 1 – 20, 2017.
5 times a week 6 hours a day as per the timetable
2-nd stream - August 3-6, 2017. 5 times a week 6 hours a day as per the timetable
Tuition fee 700 tenge/hour  
Language program for foreign students
Program for foreign students
Contingent Foreign citizens, who want to study at AlmaU in Russian, Kazakh, English languages Period of studies – 6 - 10 months
Content of the program I+II I Intensive language preparation within 5 - 8 months, combined with adaption to academic life. II Studying elective general and core disciplines on specialty:
mathematics; physics;
introduction to entrepreneurship
Weekly format of studies I+II I Professional language foe academic purposes – 9 hours II Academic preparation 4 hours,
Module Pathway – 1 hour
Cultural awareness - 2 hours
Tuition fee 42 000 tenge per month for one student  
Program Director: Masanova Laura Ertaevna
Address: Rozybakiev str, 227
Phone: 8 (727) 313-28-63