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Academic degree: Bachelor of Engineering and Technology and Professional Skills Certification

Elective subjects: 

after school — Physics, Mathematics

after college — Mathematics, Basics of algorithmization and programming

Form and duration of studies:

full-time (after school) – 4 years

on the basis of T&PE (after college) full-time – 3 years


Description of the specialty. The knowledge economy and the digital transformation of business are creating new challenges for companies in all industries. Competitiveness depends not so much on the availability of material and financial resources, but on the company's ability to make decisions based on the analysis of large volumes of data obtained from the digital environment. This entails an increase in demand for business analysts and managers of cross-functional teams who are capable of offering effective solutions to problems based on quantitative data analysis. The Big Data Analyst examines huge amounts of information with a complex heterogeneous or uncertain structure (research results, market trends, customer preferences, etc.). The analysis of such data can give a different level of understanding of the subject of research and the observed phenomena, as a result of which discoveries can be made and new technologies, substances, approaches to the phenomena of various spheres of life can be created.

The structure of the program sets the task of forming fundamental knowledge in the field of management and modern analytical tools used to solve managerial problems. Graduates will have methods of processing big data, apply analytical tools to solve managerial problems.

Advantages of the specialty

The educational program of the specialty "Business analytics and Big data" at the University is implemented in two educational trajectories of training students:

1. Big Data and Machine Learning

2. Financial Engineering


Features  of the specialty

Our programs are constantly supervised by the leaders of such companies as Centras Group, SAGRAD, Data Science Academy.

We try to give students exactly the practical skills that are useful when applying for a job. In the learning process, we use only relevant technologies - the programming language Python, JavaScript, C / C ++, the React Native platform, React JS, etc.

We do not switch from one programming language to another every semester, almost all 4 years students work only in Python and JavaScript.


Graduates of this specialty are in demand at large enterprises in various industries - mainly in the banking sector, in construction, trade and mining, as well as in IT companies and consulting.